Young Eagles Flight a big success.  
The young eagles is a program sponsored by the EAA.  Members donate their time, planes and fuel to give youngsters a
chance to fly.  Exposing young people to flying is a great way to create new interest in  aviation.  We want to extend our
thanks to all who contribute to making this a great experience for the kids.  
Flight Instructor Steve Willis with student.
Dennis Els with young eagle fliers
Chris Collins with young eagles fliers.
Steve Jones with young eagles fliers.
Salem Leckrone Airport
Don Griffin helps a rider into his plane.
Planes donated for the use of  young eagles flights.
1st graders from South-Central
Selmaville 8th Grade
Selmaville 8th Grade
Stearman N555 " Triple Nickel
This beautiful restored Stearman stopped for fuel on a Saturday afternoon.  I ask him if I could take some pictures
and he put on a real show. They don't make them like this anymore.